Weekend trip to Detroit: Part 2

November 9, 2018

A weekend trip to visit family and friends in the D. Let the SHENANIGANS begin!

The Misadventures of TnT
Episode 9: Weekend Trip to Detroit – Part II Packing Day

Yoga gets ready to officially say good bye to MI with big bro help and later spends the afternoon with her sis.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Weekend Trip to Detroit!

? Going Up ~ Chill Lofi Hip Hop
? High End instrumental ~ Chris Brown
? Who Want the Smoke instrumental ~ Lil Yachty
? Bluestaeb ~ Yap
? Hold Up ~ Eevee
? George Fields instrumental ~ Hip Hop Beats

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Until next time…
Love & Light

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4 thoughts on “Weekend trip to Detroit: Part 2

  1. forty duce says:

    Sorry Detroit.. my boy 20 took her from y’all.. she belongs to us now ???

    1. Brown. Eyes. Yogini. says:

      forty duce lol true, true ?

  2. Mr20 west says:

    I was in Atlanta waiting like I cant wait for my lady to get back ??????????great video I enjoyed it cant wait to spend some time with the fam

    1. Brown. Eyes. Yogini. says:

      Aww, really ?
      Can’t wait to spend time with all the fam too! ????

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