Visiting Detroit with Kids || Full Time RV Family

August 13, 2019

When we travel, we prefer to visit places where locals hang out. That can be tricky with kids in tow. Most kid travel websites will recommend the museums and indoor play areas and theme parks, and while we do try to visit as many museums as we can during the week (for lessons!), on Saturdays we prefer to live like locals.

One of our favorite things to do is to check out farmers markets and get a taste of local foods for lunch. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, as it happened in Detroit. The market was lovely, but we just weren’t feeling it. We ended up going to a Coney Island restaurant, which is apparently a thing in Michigan, so we did get to try local foods at least! To work off our lunch, we went to the Detroit Riverfront (we were initially going to go to Belle Isle but changed our minds at the last minute). The Riverfront walk was gorgeous and such a fun way to spend a hot afternoon!

Eastern Market:

Belle Isle:

Detroit Riverfront:


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