TRIP REPORT_ Delta Airlines _ Ottawa _ Detroit _ CRJ200

September 8, 2019

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6 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT_ Delta Airlines _ Ottawa _ Detroit _ CRJ200

  1. flywithdominik says:

    Nice report, but what happened to the video format? xD

    1. James Emery says:

      Gopro died so I rev only Samsung s8

  2. Travel Aviation 200 says:

    Good video mate love it so much why you did you do Ottowa to Detroit that’s not a common flight btw @17:08 is a good Landing it was nice and smooth too bad you didn’t butter it that would have been awesome to see but great trip report meat from England UK Manchester cheers

    1. James Emery says:

      Thxs mate it was a pretty hard Landing actually it wasn’t pretty buttered the wind was actually pretty high on Landing we hit the runaway we kind of nodded our heads like if it was a hard Landing

  3. Alison Emery says:

    Love it I was with u James on the flight love you so much

  4. James Emery says:

    This is an old trip report from 2018 from Ottawa to Detroit on my old Channel

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