March 9, 2019

Today, I take a plane to go to my new home in Michigan!!! I had a great time flying and an even greater time putting this together for you guys! I hope you enjoy watching!

FAQs about my move to Michigan:

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4 thoughts on “TRAVEL WITH ME: DETROIT, MI (Vlog #5)

  1. Hey It’s Jenelly says:

    ROOM TOUR!!!

    1. OhShizItsFaith says:

      Hey It’s Jenelly Hmm It’s still small ish and nun special 😂 so I’d think about it, I’d do a whole house tour but I know my parents wouldnt want me posting that on YouTube 🤦🏽‍♀️ worse case scenario I’ll just send both to you 😂

  2. Jesseca Lopez says:

    Keep Traveling🙂👌🏽

    1. OhShizItsFaith says:

      I definitely will!!! ❤️

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