Nike Community Store Detroit Vlog · Shopping Downtown Michigan · Outlet Traveling Exploring #detroit

July 7, 2019

This video is a vlog that I recorded when I went to the Nike Community Store Detroit to shop in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. Please consider subscribing to my channel. Leave a like and comment any feedback, questions or anything down below.

Beat By Jacob Lethal:

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Credit goes to Chance Jolivette with helping produce the intro.

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26 thoughts on “Nike Community Store Detroit Vlog · Shopping Downtown Michigan · Outlet Traveling Exploring #detroit

  1. Glenn Kirk says:

    Best shoe ? Again that’s rough.. love kicks so all I see is more copps

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      I feel u.

  2. Glenn Kirk says:

    Buzz lightyear is exactly what them kyries was… them royal 1s is slept on … dope quality..

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Ikr. They snoozed on the 1s

  3. Glenn Kirk says:

    Motor city af1s and them orange af1s is clean

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      They are

  4. Glenn Kirk says:

    I like the anniversary “lazer” 4 . Wish I had em

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      @Glenn Kirk bet it up

    2. Glenn Kirk says:

      @MeNMyKickz if you see em in a 16 or 15 throw me a Alley ooop.. I’ll send the bread pay pal

    3. MeNMyKickz says:

      @Glenn Kirk Originals. I think the one we recently got gonna hit outlets hard this winter

    4. Glenn Kirk says:

      @MeNMyKickz you mean the original lazer pack or those black ones we got early this year because I could see the originals eventually coming back fasho

    5. MeNMyKickz says:

      @Glenn Kirk they retroed women aqua 8s 😂. No one wanted those imo

  5. DDomino Geronimo says:

    bout to catch up on your latest videos while im in bed with the flu.. im on break from doing much else so im binging fam. forever consistent with it!!! loved all the scenery man…be true slides and be true kickz are dope with my lace/mesh socks would be soo fire…. what would you wear with them??? @04:28 those gold kickz were dopeee…I still want my music in your vids lol… heres my new album

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Thanks for watching the vids while ur sick. I hope you get well soon. I’d wear my betrue socks with my betrue shoes 💯

  6. SneakersAndUp says:

    Show topic/question: What do you think about Nike/Jordan cancelling the account of Premier (sneakershop in San Mateo, CA)?

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      @SneakersAndUp thank you

    2. SneakersAndUp says:

      @MeNMyKickz The owner posted about it on his Twitter…its pinned to the top. Premier Boutique in San Mateo.

    3. MeNMyKickz says:

      I gotta research this. But I will definitely feature this question in one of my upcoming videos.

  7. SneakersAndUp says:

    Appreciate you taking the time to get and take all this footage. I feel like you’ve saved me window shopping trips to the store with your vlogs.

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Thanks bro. That’s why I do it.

  8. GQu 90’sBaby says:

    U always welcome here Dope video❗️💯

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Thanks fam 💯

  9. Liberal Heel AKA YWC Trigger God says:

    Are those dorenbeckers sitting on shelves, THAT’S WILD. Those 15s must have 0 resell value or hype

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Got mine for 85. Yeah it’s no hype

  10. jb44234 says:

    Yooooo wuts poppin fam straight fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire up in there ✌🏾

    1. MeNMyKickz says:

      Thanks bro I appreciate it 💯

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