Mini Trip Report: Delta 777-200ER Tokyo-Narita to Detroit in Delta One

February 17, 2019

I did a little weekend transpacific jaunt last month, flying from Las Vegas, to Seoul, then to Tokyo, then to Detroit, all in two days. After arriving into Narita early Sunday afternoon and spending a couple of hours in Tokyo, it was time to make the 12-hour trek back to the States. I took the later of two flights to Detroit that day. This was an extra one-off flight that was operated in addition to the regularly-scheduled A350 flight, which was done as part of the series of extra international flights Delta operated out of Las Vegas for CES; basically, a revenue repositioning flight after the aircraft arrived in Tokyo from Vegas.

I almost didn’t get a window seat for this flight, but luckily there was one in the row ahead of me that went empty, so I was able to move there and get a video of the flight. After getting settled, we pushed back and taxied out to Runway 34L for a beautiful nighttime takeoff, engines roaring with that characteristic Rolls-Royce buzzsaw sound. After takeoff, we were served dinner in three courses, and then I reclined my seat and slept for about 4-5 hours. At the time, this was the last 777-200ER in the Delta fleet with the old cabin, and the seats looked a little worn but were still comfortable enough to sleep on–this was actually my first long-haul flight in Business, so I thought it was great. When I woke up, I had a light mid-flight meal of green tea soba, which was really delicious, and then I just watched movies the rest of the flight. I also had some ice cream at one point, and then we were served breakfast just before we arrived. The inflight service was really great; I enjoyed the food and the cabin crew were very friendly and personable. Our routing took us pretty much directly east to our destination, making landfall over the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle. We landed in Detroit the evening of the same day (though slightly earlier than when we took off, as usual for eastbound transpacific flights), watching the sunset on our approach to the airport before making a nice, smooth landing onto Runway 4L and a long taxi back to the terminal.

Overall, I had a really nice, comfortable flight that made the long journey go by quickly. Here are some shortcuts to the different sections of the video:

0:11 – Taxi to the Runway
9:12 – Takeoff
19:30 – Inflight Service Photos
20:10 – Approach, Landing & Taxi to the Gate

And if you want to check out the takeoff/landing videos only for this flight, you can find them here:

Date: January 13, 2019
Airline: Delta Air Lines (DAL/DL)
Flight: DL268
Departure: Tokyo-Narita Int’l Airport (RJAA/NRT)
Arrival: Detroit-Wayne Co. Metro Int’l Airport (KDTW/DTW)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-232ER
Registration: N867DA
Seat: 11D (Delta One)
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver