Michigan | Detroit and Windsor

November 15, 2018

In the final Vlog of our Michigan series, we spend the day exploring Detroit and Windsor, Canada!

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11 thoughts on “Michigan | Detroit and Windsor

  1. Pituca Beauty says:

    I loved Detroit when we visited from Cali and also were a bit skeptical based on its reputation but totally changed our minds

  2. miranda ramirez says:

    Next time you guys need to check out the Henry Ford museum and the Motown Museum….love museums and history! 🤓 lol if you haven’t checked them out before, I think you guys would really enjoy them and find it interesting!

  3. Carolyn Fisher says:

    Tim Hortons was founded in Canada and named after The Canadian Hockey Legend Tim Horton and yeah they’re coffee is pretty good.

  4. Misty Lalonde says:

    We live in Windsor! I wish I would have known- we could have hosted you for the day 😉

  5. Amanda Alexander says:

    Mmmmm Timmy’s is the best!! It has two temperatures: scalding hot or lukewarm, though 😂😂

    1. Carolyn Fisher says:

      That’s how it is with the hot chocolate too although I havn’t tried the Hershey’s hot chocolate yet so I am curious to know what that tastes like as apposed to regular hot chocolate.

  6. JdKoms says:

    OK I totally skipped a few blogs to watch this one, my jaw literally dropped. Why your probably thinking because I live in Windsor! Glad you went to Spago they have great food! Can’t believe you haven’t tried Tim Horton’s, they are popping up everywhere in Michigan

  7. Leslie Molengraaf says:

    So fun to see different parts of Michigan – we really want to visit it. I’m a long(ish) subscriber of Jessica’s channel & new to yours. Won’t hold your Trudeau comment against you 😉 This Canadian is definitely not a fan of his.

  8. Dee Rodriguez says:


  9. Shelbii Burch says:

    I live in Detroit so cool you guys did a trip here

  10. Karen Prinz says:

    I love hearing Gigi’s little voice ❤️❤️

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