How To Explore Detroit (Vlog #29)

March 16, 2019

Learn how amazing Detroit is in our new vlog!
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10 thoughts on “How To Explore Detroit (Vlog #29)

  1. Sam Lattakia سام لاتاكيا says:

    I love eminem

  2. Trump's Boxers says:

    become Human

  3. Steven Stavropoulos says:

    yall did it well !

  4. Paulina Rodriguez says:

    HEY! I plan on visiting Detroit next week, and im currently looking for airbnb places to stay! I would love to get the info on the place you stayed! Please let me know!

  5. Jrayden says:

    I am from Mississippi, I recently moved to Michigan in a small town about 25 mins away from Detroit. I always used to think it would be scary because of the media… but it really is a beautiful city. If you are thinking about taking a trip, I would definitely recommend it!

  6. themanager1980 says:

    I wouldn’t drive one hour for this shit. I’d rather stay in my jail.

  7. Terrance Smith says:

    I Love Detroit 😍❤❤

  8. Not Today says:

    So I HAVE been to Detroit before, I went to motown for a class trip. I never knew.

  9. Zane King says:

    There’s a Kehinde Wiley painting in the DIA!!! Why tf didn’t anyone tell me!!!!

  10. Lovi Poekimo says:

    5 hours of driving is “not far”?????

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