Ford F350 Breaks Down In Detroit and Tow Truck Damages Truck

July 31, 2019

Ford F350 Breaks Down In Detroit and Tow Truck Damages Truck

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10 thoughts on “Ford F350 Breaks Down In Detroit and Tow Truck Damages Truck

  1. Flyboy68 says:

    Crap always happens if it didn’t it wouldn’t be life

  2. Thomas Arnao says:

    Good luck with your new adventure in the Trucking industry hope everything works out for the best and good luck in getting the transmission fixed in your truck

  3. Edgar Gonzalez says:

    Love to see 2 strong persons don’t give up Jesus won’t let you down.

  4. Zraupp10 says:

    Towing company should have used a 15 ton tow truck,
    go all out with a 50 ton !

  5. Dustin Ellis says:

    That’s why I drive stick shift

  6. FordAngelo J says:

    Sorry to hear the bad news! I’m a Ford senior master tech and the Houston region technician review panel member, so unfortunately I agree with the techs you spoke to at dealers. I wish you guys nothing but the best and to hell with the trolls!

  7. Jerry Thompson says:

    Lifes an Adventure! Don’t sweat the bumps that come along😀! And dont fear what’s around the corner, go grab life! Never say “I cant”…”I can do all things through Christ! Love Yall, I’m semi retired trucker debtfree livin the dream! Never stop pursuing your dreams. God bless and be with you both!

  8. Igor Sanchez says:

    Teddy Roosevelt — it is better to be counted with life’s losers and miserable failures, people.who have risked all and failed horribly..
    Then to be counted with those who have never left Safe Harbor and ventured out in life…
    Sorry to hear about the Ford.

  9. 3252fly says:

    From a 74 yr. old Northern Canadian guy. You two make a great team period!! everyone you meet knows something you don’t. My fav. team is ” The crafty Trucker ” The only constant is change. Ignore the negative. Love following you .

  10. Successful Mindset says:

    I’m praying for you guys did you get money for the damage on your truck or some kind of compensation and also and your new journey I know it’s going to be great cuz you’re connecting with a bunch of great people can’t wait to see you and where you go. God bless

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