Detroit, Michigan – A City on the Rise

March 16, 2019

After years of decline, Detroit is now on the rise. Unlike many of the formerly Manufacturing cities of have declined and remain depressed, Detroit is rising up. We show this now beautiful city on the shores of the Detroit River in this Aerial & Ground tour of the Midwest’s 2nd Largest City, only behind Chicago.

Stock footage from this video is available for purchase, contact Tampa Aerial Media.

Detroit is older than our country, founded in 1701. The city grew largely to its automobile industry, but also fell with the automobile industry. Today, however the once bankrupt city is now rising with an explosive real estate market in the downtown corridor.

We feature the People Mover in this video which was opened in 1987. It is a monorail style 2.9 mile loop around downtown with 13 stops at a fare of 75 cents. We show Ford Field home of the Lions, and Comerica Park home of the Tigers. We had meant to also show Joe Louis Arena home of the Red Wings. It is right next to the Cobo Center, and we simply saw that and was thinking we had shot the arena but didn’t.

The Renaissance Center is the most impressive and modern looking of the downtown Skyscrapers. It is the world head quarters of General Motors. It is so large it has its own Zip Code. 10,000 empolyees work in this building.

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10 thoughts on “Detroit, Michigan – A City on the Rise

  1. BIRMZE says:

    I love this city!

  2. Kwaku Adjei says:

    Behind all da lights u will find deadly gangsters

  3. Christian Jiang says:

    I thought Detroit was a city in ruins… Ahh, distorting media (and comments on the internet)! The downtown looks grand and sprawling… I’d like to visit it some day!!

  4. Eric Gregory says:

    If New York could rise from the 70’s-90’s you guys got this. It was filthy here back then. BTW the media had me thinking there was not really a safe downtown in Detroit. Its pretty.


    Um, well, once you’re at THE BOTTOM, you have NO WHERE TO GO BUT UP!

  6. Nitin Lakhotia says:

    Detroit was destroyed cause of the seven deadly sins. Hope it recovers.

  7. Robert Gardea says:

    This video is aready outdated. R.I.P DETROIT

  8. Green Hornet says:

    Don’t even mention Boat Racing which started there in early 1900’s or so….Now this year they don’t have the money to Host the A.P.B.A. Gold Cup race… City on the rise huh…..

  9. cold spring says:

    rise?….on the take is more like it

  10. Ian Sampson says:

    Yeah right prove it to me that Detroit really is on the rise. Why don’t it invest in other neighborhoods other than Downtown and reverse its decades-long population decline.

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