Atlantis Stargate & Detroit – Chad Stuemke

February 6, 2019 The idea of launching rocket ships to distant stars seems unlikely. In a time when you can control your television with your mind, maybe conscious travel should be in our thoughts. How do you travel through the time space continuum? A Stargate?

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10 thoughts on “Atlantis Stargate & Detroit – Chad Stuemke

  1. Thomas Gilbreath says:

    If you want to talk about messages through art. Let’s dusscus why the memorial in nyc is two tesseracts side by side like the shape of the universe.

  2. Elizabeth Erwin says:

    Great show, Freeman and Chad!! Btw, I thought Michelle Obama was male.

  3. cstuemke says:

    Thanks for an amazing conversation Freeman! Here is a link to the Lake Superior Underwater Anomaly clip friends.

  4. Fnord Fnordington says:

    freeman always keeps it real. keep it up bro been with you on and off for years.

  5. johnny walker says:

    Sounds like a real copper caper

  6. John Lombardo says:

    Mud floods in detroit???

  7. Julie Cool says:

    Thank you Freeman for all your wisdom teachings ! Jesus taught this connecting to the Holy Spirit and expanding our conscious, but the Romans destroyed his and others codexes and scrolls through the ages. Jesus (Izates which is an anagram for eastern star the star of Bethlehem, Iza is east, tes is alternate word for star). He was also called Issa, a nickname ). He taught his disciples yoga and healing techniques. But of course the Beast sabotages every piece they can, even baptizing adults, teaching us to baptize babies instead, sabotaging the awakening process. This is why Issa had to come to provide a fast track sabotage proof system to escape the coming beast government and asteroid storm. Sooner or later we must accept the divine into our life, then we don’t have to live in a world like this. Our Father soul has designed everything this way this insane world to make it obvious for you to seek him out and choose the good side not the evil path. Father soul means business ! Don’t make him come after you with a Beast global government, forced implants, electronic tattoos, no Bill of Rights, no Constitution, no proper medical care, forced labor camps and asteroids storming down everywhere ! There’s no alternative !

  8. Breld System says:

    Interesting perspective. Hart Plaza in Detroit by the river is the most beautiful spot in the city in my opinion. There is a unique energy in that spot, I think. Not surprised to hear that is potentially a special location for deeper mystical and geometric  reasons.

  9. Monica Campos says:

    Awesome work, guys. Love what you do. Spreading the message and opening those pineal glands 👁❤ truth and awareness, sending you love!

  10. Wes Marsh says:

    Good stuff… Prayers!

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