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July 12, 2019

American Coney Island is one of many coney islands located in Detroit, Michigan. Situated next to its competitor, Lafayette Coney Island, American Coney Island is a great place to get some Detroit-styled coney islands which are hot dogs made with chili, chopped onions, and mustard. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, so there is no excuse to not get a coney dog! After eating at Lafayette Coney Island earlier in the year, I head to American Coney Island to try their coney dogs.

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If you would like to watch my Scottman895 Travel Delights video on Lafayette Coney Island, feel free to watch the video here:



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10 thoughts on “American Coney Island – Detroit, Michigan | Scottman895 Travel Delights

  1. Chris Markert says:

    They both looked fantastic so I can see how you might have a hard time picking a winner. If I find myself in Detroit I may have to do a taste test for myself!

  2. Jamesyboy Experiment says:

    Great to see the other half of this Coney Dog Detroit series…. No clear winner though 😎👍

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      For sure! I wanted to visit both, so I’m glad I found some time not too long after the first one to get some! They were pretty equal to me, but they are both fantastic! Thanks for watching!

  3. Patrick Schorre says:

    A great travel delight video would be Buddy’s Pizza!

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      I would love to go there sometime although I need to wait until my diet is done to where I can eat dairy again in moderation. Once I can, I definitely want to go to the original location in NE Detroit!

  4. Francie says:

    It’s fun to see pics of Detroit – it looks like such a nice sunny day and everything looks so nice! Now I’m so hungry for a dog I’m gonna have me a vegan chili dog with mustard and onions (I have all ingredients in my house)!!! Thumbs up!!

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      I could not have asked for better weather that day! I need to try a vegan chili dog someday. I’d be curious to see what it tastes like. Thanks for watching!

  5. Todd's Tropicals says:

    We just finished BBQ ribs so it’s safe to watch… Detroit Coney dogs Sunday’s we’d do it once a month… And still do here we have a close to the real place.

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      Ribs sound really good! That is a nice tradition with coney dogs one Sunday a month! Thanks for watching!

  6. bigbabyzubas says:


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