11 Things to Know About Visiting Detroit

July 16, 2019

Detroit is the largest city in the U.S. state of Michigan, and this video will tell you 11 things to know about visiting Detroit. After recently overcoming bankruptcy and hard times, Detroit is on the rise as a popular tourist destination even making top lists as a travel destination in Lonely Planet. From the great food, sights, sports teams, and museums to the safety of visiting downtown Detroit, this guide will help anyone who is interested in visiting the Motor City. From many areas in the city, you can observe the great skyline of the different skyscrapers especially the Renaissance Center, home to the headquarters of General Motors (GM).

Here are the topics I explore in this video:
1. Getting to Detroit – Detroit Metro Airport, Freeways
2. Getting Around Detroit – Detroit People Mover, QLine
3. Food – Coney islands, Slows Bar BQ, Greektown, etc.
4. Things to Do – Renaissance Center, Hart Plaza, Spirit of Detroit statue
5. Theatres and Venues – Fox Theatre, The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit Opera House, Masonic Temple
6. Museums – Detroit Institute of Arts, Motown Museum
7. Hotels and Casinos – Greektown Casino, MGM Grand Casino, Motor City Casino
8. Parks – Detroit Riverfront, Campus Martius Park, Grand Circus Park
9. Sports – Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings
10. Safety
11. Going Outside Detroit

Please feel free to leave a comment to talk about your experiences in Detroit as well as some different tips which I did not discuss!

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10 thoughts on “11 Things to Know About Visiting Detroit

  1. Bob Hepner says:

    Nice plug for the Motor City. I’ve learned a few things. Thanks

  2. John Nguyen says:

    Nice video, there are also the Bird, Lime, and Spin scooters. For food there are food halls such as the Detroit Fort Street Galley, Detroit Shipping Company, and Monroe Market (inside the Greektown Casino). Another thing is Woodward Avenue is becoming almost like a Magnificent Mile and H&M is supposedly a store along there which may bring other major retailers. Some other exciting things coming are the Columbia Street area and Centennial Park.

  3. Laurie K says:

    You mentioned Greek Town. In the 1970’s I went there and ate gyros. The best ever, with Groesch beer. Haven’t been back since except the airport. Thank for the video! So informative.

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      I need to try the gyros in Greektown as I enjoy a good gyro! Hopefully you will get a chance to visit Detroit at some point! Thanks for watching!

  4. Jacob ahejew says:

    Did u publish this today scott

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      I did! I recorded it several weeks ago however.

  5. Jacob ahejew says:

    Genral motors retncence center also the mariott is by the rentsance center location

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      Are you talking about the one in the Renaissance Center (the one in the video) or one close by? I know that in addition to the Marriott inside, there is a Courtyard across the street on Jefferson Ave.

  6. Patrick Schorre says:

    When I was in Detroit I forgot a lot definitely next time!

    1. Scottman895 Travel says:

      Detroit has a lot of cool sights to see! There is still a lot I need to check out myself. Thanks for watching!

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