Georgia & Germany SUPER VLOG 4k – Travel Film

I took a trip from Detroit to Chicago, Germany, and then Georgia (Europe) and documented the whole couple weeks. Sit back, relax, hit HD, and enjoy the trip through my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚


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Video edited in – Adobe Premiere Pro
Intro edited in – Adobe After Effects

Sicario – Tunnel Music
Maggie Rogers – On + Off
Suaimhneas ยท Ceilidh
Odesza – Higher Ground
Tourist – Hush
Slow Meadow – Semolina
Mission – Young Bull
Finding Hope – Beneath the Surface
The Revenant Main Theme
Matt Quentin – Hereafter
Matt Quentin – Morning Dew

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  • The quality of this channel AMAZES me. I can already tell youโ€™re gonna go somewhere big on this platform. Itโ€™s like watching a million dollar Hollywood film thatโ€™s how smooth and entertaining this video is. The editing is amazing. Really dope bro.

    • Brooklyn! Thank you SO much. That really means a lot. It makes me happy to know people are loving it and spending time watching it. Stay tuned…big things to come!

    • Ps. I loved how long it is. Every morning I play a video and make myself breakfast and get ready so I have some background noise and something to watch in between my morning routine. I love when I can find a video that lasts and is interesting all the way through.

  • Not many have the courage to put out a 40 minute vlog, but great work! Maybe splitt it up in 4 parts next time.
    Keep it up!

    • It’s definitely something not as common! I actually did think about splitting it up…but then you run into the problem of people possibly missing parts. Kraig Adams highly inspired me with his Super Vlog to Japan to do this. Different, but fun ๐Ÿ™‚