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Passenger traveling from Iraq to Detroit found with invasive beetles – 247 news

Passenger traveling from Iraq to Detroit found with invasive beetles – 247 news
Border agents made a skin-crawling discovery when a passenger traveling from Iraq to a Detroit-area airport was found to be carrying invasive beetles in her bag.US Customs and Border Protection says in a press release Thursday that agriculture specialists discovered the Khapra beetles back on November 23 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus. The insects were inside a bag of seeds the unsuspecting traveler planned to sow in her garden. Share this article Share The Khapra Beetle is considered to be one of the world’s most destructive pests of stored grain products and seeds. This small but persistent insect has a wide-ranging appetite and can spoil anything from stored corn to pasta. It also very difficult to control because it can survive without food for long periods and can resist many insecticides.’We are fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of CBP personnel with a range of expertise to include the detection and interception of invasive pests, ensuring the protection of our agricultural resources,’ said Area Port Director Devin Chamberlain.Local and National US Department of Agriculture experts have recently concurred with the identification of the insects as Khapra beetles. Khapra beetles were also discovered in January at Washington Dulles International Airport in rice brought from Saudi Arabia and in February at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in cow peas brought from Nigeria.