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💛Enjoyed My Trip To Detroit, Michigan💛

Music By: Rujay

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Travel Day | Detroit

Today I’m letting you know what I will post in my next issue regarding Hurricane Florence, Isaac and why the Gulf of Mexico needs to be watched. Since I will be away for a while, it’s best to wait until the NHC comes up with the official guidance of choice as best practice, I will post the tract of Florence along with some inside info you can’t get elsewhere.

Since this is the “Quest” part of the journey, it’s also personal. As you follow along you will discover what it is like to follow your heart.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Georgia & Germany SUPER VLOG 4k – Travel Film

I took a trip from Detroit to Chicago, Germany, and then Georgia (Europe) and documented the whole couple weeks. Sit back, relax, hit HD, and enjoy the trip through my eyes 🙂


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